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Poetigress, also known as Renee Carter Hall, is a female fantasy/science fiction writer whose work often includes anthropomorphic characters and themes. Her fiction has appeared in various publications, including Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, and the anthology Bewere the Night.

Fandom involvement[edit]

In August 2007, Poetigress created the Thursday Prompt, a casual exercise for writers on Fur Affinity that was later hosted by Duroc and now is run by Vixyy Fox at its own Fur Affinity account. She is also the current president of the Furry Writers' Guild (2014-2016). Within the furry fandom, her work can be found in numerous furry publications and anthologies, including Heat, New Fables, ROAR, Trick or Treat, Five Fortunes, PULP!, and An Anthropomorphic Century, as well as in several episodes of the Anthro Dreams podcast.

Poetigress is married to Jarrell Woods, and together they maintain the Bare_furs LiveJournal community for naturists/nudists in the furry community.

Her first novel, the furry medieval fantasy By Sword and Star was published in March 2012 by Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing. She has self-published the novelette Real Dragons Don't Wear Sweaters and two short story collections, Six Impossible Things and Wishing Season. Her most recent work, Huntress, collects the novella "Huntress" from Five Fortunes along with a new novelette and two new short stories, all set in the same world.


Her fursona is a quadrupedal Siberian tigress, often depicted wearing a pen on a cord around her neck.

Awards and Honors[edit]

Poetigress was the Writer Guest of Honor for RainFurrest 2015.[1]


(list includes only fandom-based publications)

  • Anthrofiction Network Short Story Contest
    • Summer 2007 - "Childish Things" (first place)
    • Spring 2008 - "In the Greenwood" (tied for first place)
  • Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing
    • Alone in the Dark (anthology)
    • Different Worlds, Different Skins Vol. 1 (anthology)
    • Different Worlds, Different Skins Vol. 2 (anthology)
    • Anthro Dreams podcast (multiple episodes)
    • By Sword and Star (novel, 2012)
  • Bad Dog Books
    • ROAR Vol. 3 (anthology)
  • FurPlanet
    • An Anthropomorphic Century (anthology)
    • A Menagerie of Heroes (Rainfurrest 2015 charity anthology)
    • Five Fortunes (anthology)
  • Pink Fox Publications
    • Allasso (Vol. 1)
  • Rabbit Valley
    • Trick or Treat (anthology)
    • PULP! (anthology)
  • Sofawolf Press
    • Anthrolations (#6)
    • Heat (#1, #5)
    • New Fables (#2: Summer 2008, #3: Summer 2009)
    • X (anthology)
  • Weasel Press
    • Typewriter Emergencies (anthology)
  • Other publications


  1. Guests of Honor on the RainFurrest 2015 website. Retrieved September 30, 2015.

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