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Renarden, or "Renny", real name being Marcus, is a Swedish furry fan born 1983 and has been around the fandom since Autumn 1998. His first persona was Renarden the fox-Wolf, whose name is mixed with the French word for "Fox" (Renard) and the Swedish suffix -en that carries the same determining meaning as the English word "the". So in conclusion: The Fox. The character was mainly used as a simple online image while on the IRC-channel SweFur.

However, in 2006 Renarden changed his persona to Grigorij "Grisha" Sergejevich Renardenskov, a Karelian Beardog, while he still uses "Renarden" as an online alias, or for short "Renny".

In Character[edit]

Grigorij, doodled by Ricadonna

Grigorij is a Karelian Beardog from the Russian town of Archangelsk where in his later years reaches to the rank of 1st Captain in the Soviet Fleet. But for some reason, Grisha suddenly decides to become lawless and joins a team of submarine pirates controlled by Yekaterina Aleksandrovna Rezamovskaja. For the most, Grisha is found drunk or solving problems using his fists. During a while in the story he have Yekaterina's little brother, Dimitri Aleksandrovich Rezamovsky, as an assistant in the crew until his disapperance. Grisha never returns to Soviet Union land as he is on the wanted list of the NKVD/KGB.

On the bad side, besides bad drinking habits, he suffers from the old-man syndrome of being a lech. He is also blind in his left eye.

He have two daughters and a son: Anna, Lora and Yurij, who are triplets. His son, Yurij, tries to be like his father but fails miserably as he time and time again mistakes apples for panties (Grisha's favorite hobby). So you could say his favourite fruits are apples.

In the fandom[edit]

For a short while, Renarden uploaded to his VCL archive but nowadays hardly ever draws or writes. But he still enjoys anthropomorphic artwork and stories.

He is a member and co-creator of the Soviet Furs group and also moderating it. He have a heavy interest in Soviet Uniforms, History, Music, Propaganda Posters and also speaks some Russian.

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