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Ren-Sensei (b. 1987) is an Eastern Dragon who lives in Vienna in northern Virginia. He goes to school at Northern Virginia Community College, although he went temporarily to Radford University in 2007. He attends numorous Anime Conventions and occasionally attempts to make appearences at various Furry Conventions including Anthrocon (every odd year) FurFright (once in 2005) and other semi-local conventions. He did a few various remixes of some Anime and Videogame tracks and has written many 'Lemons' for several Furs now and again. He hopes to learn how to Draw (both for Fandom use and for personal pleasure) and how to fluiently speak Japanese. He plans on Teaching in Japan for a few years before becoming a full-fledged History teacher for his alma mater George C Marshal Highschool.

His real name is Michael Peter McCormick.

Some aliases he has (or does) gone by are as follows: Fyre FMCF Renevolence Firyoshin Jiyruu Renpaku (Full Fursona Name) Aku-Ren Drangel Crimson Steel Feith and of Course: Ren

Fun Facts: -Has been in the fandom for over 10 years -Has appeared on G4TV for an interview during Anthrocon 2005 where he roared on air. -Spoke at the Anti-Scientology Protest by 'Anon' on 2/10/2008 -Played a 'Priest' in World of Warcraft for 3 years and actively takes part in many support groups for troubled teenages, showing that his role in the game extends deeply into everyday life. -Originially, Firyoshin was an Echinida in a Sonic the Hedgehog MUCK before realising that he was a dragon, however he has always been an 'Eastern' dragon.

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