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Remalon Races
Remalon Races 2

Remalons are characters in Extinctioners.

Remalons aren't any particular species of animal. In ways they are like reptiles with smooth scale like skin and egg laying abilities, but they are also warm blooded and feed their young milk.

Remalons aren't considered Hybrids, but are naturally born with their "powers" which is characteristic of each individual race. There are 5 individual races of Remalons, with whispers of there being a sixth. Each race is identified by its skin color and facial markings or "mask". Blue skinned Remalons are called Nightcreepers and possess the ability of teleportation (females are called Shadowdancers). Red skins are called Fireshifters and can morph their form. Yellow skins are called Sunrunners and can breath fire. Green skins are Grassgliders and can glide with skin membranes. White skins are Snowdreamers and can generate ice waves. And the mysterious Black skinned Remalons are only known as ChaosBringers which gained its name because they have the ability to cancel the abilities of any other Remalon when in close proximity to them. It is believe this ability is done through chemical scents.

Remalon characters/races[edit]

Shamus (Shadowdancer)


Shamus is a Nightcreeper Remalon like Umnus. They are nocturnal night hunting Remalons and are also excellent swimmers. Unlike the males, Female Remalons have 3 hand digits and 3 foot digits while the males only have 2. She made her first appearance in Extinctioners issue 7.

Ysys (Snowdreamer)


Ysys is a Remalon Snowdreamer. This race of Remalons live in the high elevations of their planet Eden. Mountain dwellers, their bodies are used to the cold climates and their natural abilities allow them to literally breathe a high concentration sub-zero air blast, or for short, they have ice breath. Her first appearance was in Extinctioners issue 7 and made her last current appearance in issue 10 when she and the other Remalon females made the ultimate sacrafice to aid in the defeat of Xenif.

Kyra (Sunrunner)


The remalon race known as Sundancers live in hot and humid areas. Their bodies are kept warm by absorbing sun rays. They have the ability to breath fire. Kyra was the last of her race and made her first appearance in Extinctioners issue 7, but in an attempt to save Umnus's life, she was killed by Xenif in issue 8. Her species is now extinct.

Emara (Grassglider)


Emara is a Grassglider Remalon and has the ability to take flight on air currents with her extendable membrane. Remalon's can inter mate and breed with one another which can result in a number of skin color variations, but the offspring will either gain one or non of it's parents' abilities. She first appeared in Extinctioners issue 7.

Metallia (Fireshifters)


Metallia being longs to the Fireshifter race. Fireshifters have the ability to alter the makeup of their bodies, which gives them the ability to take different physical forms. This ability does not allow them to change the color of their skin however, but can for instance increase their over all mass and bulk. They can even shift their forms to mimic the opposite sex, but they can't get the equipment to work like their counter parts.

Metallia made her first comic appearance in issue 7 and is the last known female of her race.

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