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Reiko, as drawn by Kubo.

Reiko Sazanami is an artist and animator.


An artist and animal lover ever since a young age, Reiko grew up in a small rural American town where, in the late 1980s and 1990s, she developed an interest in cartoons and animation, further spurring her creativity.

Over the years, she has kept many pets of several species as companions, most notably her parents' cats. In her teenage years, video games took the center stage of her interests, leading to her decision to study art and animation in the hopes of making it into the video game industry, but due to a change of heart in early 2007, she changed her focus to study visual arts education.

She draws art inspiration from artists such as Babak "Bob" Rafei and the classic Disney and Don Bluth films, along with a pinch of anime styling as well (despite her name, she is not Japanese or of Asiatic origin. This nickname was given to her by one of her first online friends back in the mid-1990s, and it stuck even after the friend left and became her alias for most anything related to the internet).

Fandom involvement[edit]

Reiko does not spend a great deal of time in the furry fandom, being more involved in gaming and anime cosplay. After attending Anthrocon in 2007, she found furry conventions to be much like the anime ones she was used to, planning on attending them more.


Reiko's fursona is a roflfox, a red fox/fennec hybrid with, according to her, "just a pinch of lemur and goblin", first conceived during 9th grade (and originally being an anime fox girl), gradually shifting from being a furry red fox furry, then a green haired fox girl, a red fox girl, a blonde fox, and finally settled in into the mixed-fox she is known as today.

Her fursona is a direct reflection of herself in style, body type, and personality, and her distinguishing features include purple hair fronts, a tail tip, and back claws. There is some speculation about her other features, including that she may be a kitsune, being as she is a trickster, and her best friend is identified as a tanuki.

Other furry characters that do not act as her fursona include Platano (a chupacabra), Goonie (a mutt), Demetrius (a long-haired chihuahua), Adonis (a greyhound), and Sylvia (a feral gryphon).

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