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The cover of Regime Change, the fifth Newshounds compilation by Thomas K. Dye.

Regime Change is the fifth compilation of comic strips of the webcomic Newshounds by Thomas K. Dye. The book covers the comics between 5 August 2002 and 18 September 2003, introducing the characters Della, Randy, Pontius and Zodiac. It also pictures the first Mark IV style comics. It was published by Plan Nine Publishing.

There is also some special Newshounds comics written by guest animators.

Notable storylines[edit]

Kidnapper Terrorists (August 19-September 13 2002)[edit]

While Kevin plays poker with some of Ferris's friends, some of the rats tell him that in the house over the road a "kidnapper-terrorist" is hiding there.[1] Kevin tells the others the story and get the man arrested. After the story is exposed however, a moral panic starts to raise, and everyone is worried about being kidnapped. KPET decide that the only way to stop the hype is to create another story to distract the public, so Rochelle tells everyone that Justin Timberlake "plans to strip naked at our city's founders day picnic.[2]

Nirvana (Prelude September 23-October 4 2002, Story October 14-December 25 2002)[edit]

Connor arrives at KPET and tells Kevin that Stormy has disappeared. While they talk, Connor tells him that Stormy had an owner, a new age singer called Mixolydia who had the talent of being able to sing in ultrasonic song, so only dogs could hear her.[3] During some research, they discover that they have gone somewhere in Montana, and Connor goes after Stormy. On the way there, the bus driver drops Connor of at a place called Steckman, where he meets two new age dogs, Dermot and Georgie, who take him to "The great convergence" where Mixolydia is performing.[4] Back at KPET, Kevin hears an ultrasound message on TV, telling that all dogs will find fulfillment in Steckman, and goes with Ferris to track down the message, as well as Connor and Stormy. At the concert, Mixolydia tells them to get into the back of a truck, which they do, but instead of finding Nirvana, they are forced to build a bomb. Stormy is also at the bomb building site as a prisoner. Kevin is also lulled into the site, where he meets Stormy, who tells him everything.[5] The idea of the bomb was Mixolydia's husband Glen Eagles, a mountain man who thought that technology could help people be more in touch with nature, but he could not do anything because of the government, so he decided to get around 1,300 dogs to build one for him.[6] Thus they set a plan into action, Kevin and Ferris broadcast a signal telling the government about the bomb, and Stormy manages to convince Mixolydia to get the dogs out safely. Afterwards, Connor was hailed a hero, Glen was sent to jail but was given a position on talk radio, Kevin got off his unprofessional behavior due to his work in exposing the story, but sadly, although Kevin is not aware of it, Connor and Stormy finally get married.[7]

Fur Care (March 17-April 4 2003)[edit]

Wolfram is worried about losing his fur, and even worse, he cannot find the right hair gel. The owner of the pet groomers is becoming increasingly frustrated about Wolfram, so in revenge, he sells him a hair gel that was made in 1983 called Bagdad Cafe Hairspray. When he tells everyone about the hairspray on the news, the government start to panic due to them thing that Bagdad is really Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.[8] Renata manages to contract the company that used to make the hairspray, even though it is Sunflower Chemicals, and later Wolfram is released. However, the hairspray gets its revenge when it ruins Wolfram's fur.[9]

Red Alert (May 28-June 18 2003)[edit]

After getting some facts wrong in a report, Renata tries to get as many facts as she can about an expected terrorist threat. After getting reports from both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security they run the story, causing wide-spread panic.[10] However, when a message from George W. Bush comes on the television, the president turns out to be a hoaxer employed by the government, and the entire story was a lie. The reason for it was to teach the public not to believe everything that they hear. The shock of it makes Renata ill, but the problem is fixed when she is proved right about something.[11]

Della & Randy (June 23-July 14 2003)[edit]

Kevin is worried that Della, a poodle working at his local Radio Shack is trying to flirt with him, due to her offering accounts, discounts and other offers a the shop. However, he soon starts to feel more comfortable.[12] Kevin is still worried about being sumped if he does ask Della out, so Sam provides him with some support. In the end, it is Della who asks him out and Sam telling him to say "Yes". A few moments later, Della tells Kevin about he cousin Randy who is also looking for a date. Once Sam sees her, he goes straight for her.[13] On the date, Kevin tries his best to talk to Della, while Sam and Randy spend all their time kissing. Afterwards, Sam goes back to Randy's place and they make love[14] and Kevin lets slip his past relationship with Stormy, although she does not seem to mind.

Rainy Day (July 15-August 19 2003)[edit]

Rochelle is worried about he relationship with Renata, so she has the idea of them spending some time together, on their own. Lorna approves of the idea. Meanwhile, Sam's relationship with Randy gets in the way of his work, causing him to miss a violent hockey game on which he was meant to be reporting on,[15] and Wolfram goes to report a story about violent coyotes at the Los Muertos Canyon. On their way to the retreat, a violent storm breaks out (despite Alistair's predictions), and Renata and Rochelle crash their car into the canyon the Wolfram is meant to be reporting from. Wolfram starts to panic and goes off to find them himself.[16] Rochelle and Renata are saved by some children who take them to their house, whose owner, Albers, is also the head of the Los Muertos Canyon Homeowner's Association. He offers them $100,000 if they can help them get any information as to how to stop the coyotes attacking people, and makes it sound as if it were a war.[17] Rochelle and Renata agree, and go out to find them. However, on their way there, Rochelle admits to being excited by danger, only really caring for the fact that she likes the idea, of being killed by the coyotes.[18] They find the coyotes, who recognise them, telling them that they pirate cable. The leader, Pontius, tells Rochelle and Renata that all of the problems to one very violent resident called Zodiac, but that the humans believe that they are all violent.[19] After the learn the truth, Renata and Rochelle return to KPET betraying Albers.

Other features[edit]

Guest strips[edit]

The books features two guest strips, one by D.C. Simpson, creator of Ozy and Millie; the other was written by Thomas K. Dye, but drawn by Vince Suzukawa, formerly of The Class Menagerie.


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