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R. S. (Regan Suzann) Pylman (a.k.a. Azrael Coyotesdaughter) is the author of the Tails of the City series of stories. A native of Tucson, Arizona, Regan was introduced to the internet at the University of Arizona, which led to her discovery of FurryMuck and FurToonia, and furry fandom in general. When a friend showed her Armstead Maupin's Tales of the City, she undertook the writing of her own serial, which she published on the World Wide Web.

During the year in which Tails of the City was being serialized on the Web, Regan appeared at Confurence 9 and co-hosted a panel on serial story telling with Elf Sternberg. In spite of the good atmosphere at the panel, Regan later said she was treated poorly at the con in general, and has cited that treatment as her reason for not attending further cons.

Azrael Coyotesdaughter is a character played on FurryMUCK by Regan. She also appears in a small number of episodes of Tails of the City.

Azrael is a late Paleolithic coyote who has claimed at various times to be the daughter of Old Woman Coyote and Raven, the Trickster; and The Archangel of Death, YHWH's assassin.

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