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Henning "Jaryic" Stalke is a German musician and fursuit maker, and the second part of the Black-Paw-Productions Team. He is also the 'R' of the informal band ERF. Jaryic still composes songs in his free time and plays several instruments.


His full name is Jaryic Faux DePawn, and his fursona is a anthropomorphic Red Fox, often shown in medieval clothing. Jaryic was formerly known under the name Redlouts.

Jaryic has built and helped building several fursuits, of course always fox characters.

Furdom activity[edit]

While still known as Redlouts he played the song Always Around for track 6 of Furry Fantasies II, as well as singing for the song To Your Mind (track 10) and Furry Art (track 5).

He was an important part of Heather Alexander's German furry band at Eurofurence XI and XII in Nuremberg (piano).

Due to his significant technical interests, Jaryic is the stage technical manager of Eurofurence and cares for the audio equipment. He records events such as the Heather Alexander concert at EF-XI and the pawpet show (DoPE). After, Jaryic also professionally reworks those records.

Together with Nightfox he runs the administration of their German furry shop called Black-Paw-Productions. They distribute furry magazines, comics, books, videos, etc. in Germany, usually at conventions, but also online.

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