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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #redfox.

#redfox (#redfox) is a mostly german speaking channel on FurNet (IRC). Although the title redfox implies a specific species, there is no limitation for other ones. In fact the most population are not foxes.

users which can be found there[edit]

wuggs, werwelpe, Darkwing, nike, thargon, Alphawolf, Dertanos, Kane, Rex, CyWelpe. Foxokles, Lima, Taiko, Yume, Tokala, Zhenya, Gear, Kuroraion, Nisrii, akurei, Wedelwolf, Anurn, Karasaph, Darkrat, Fray, Malvin, DarkDragon, Gimmick, Lynthis, White-Lion, litewolf, Greif, Pegasus, Akamaru, Nimeesha, draconigen, Haembi, FoxUnlimited, AmyWolf, FantomeAngelWolf, Werwoelfin, Hanni, RotFuchs, Jose

ChanServ info[edit]