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Redd's commonly used avatar.

Redd Foxxe (born July 30, 1991) is a furry artist whose fursona is a fox.

As of August, 2010, Redd is a beginner artist, and he likes to draw anthropomorphic characters, either by themselves or as part of a larger scene. His favorite animal is the red fox, but he loves wolves and huskies as well

Though a male for many years, he had decided back in June 2011 that he was a girl inside a boy's body, and thus changed his fursona into a female, though it is still the same fursona, he decided against making it a real girl so he could relate to it more. His real life self plans to have this done as well.

On any gallery of his, one would find it mostly consists of fatfur art and vore, as these are the things he enjoys drawing the most.

Redd considers his fox fursona to be another image of him, and thus doesn't like to refer to her as a character, but rather himself. However he does have characters he likes to play.

External links[edit]

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