Red Furros

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Red Furros
Author(s) Owner: Arakum
Launch date April 2009 - Sept 2009
Nov 2009 - Today
Genre Entertainment News

Red Furros is a Spanish-language furry entertainment website created and maintained by Arakum, who resides in Mexico City.

Although Red Furros is a Spanish website, it features interviews in the language it was made as well as the Spanish translated version of it. The website can be read in several languages, however the translation is not precise as it is based upon the VBET translator for VBulletin. Posts from Red Furros are syndicated onto the Spanish WikiFur main page, but it is not an affiliated project of WikiFur.


Red Furros was founded on 12 April 2009 as a forum by Arakum; later, in November 2009 it was transformed into an entertainment news website.

Red Furros was created as an alternative for Spanish-speaking furries to know what was going on around the world about the furry fandom. However, the website itself is not just a 100% furry news because it also includes other kind of articles like videogames, movie reviews, wildlife articles etc. that the editorial team of Red Furros considers to be of furries' interest.