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Red Fox GT
Red Fox GT by Gryphie Harrison
Jasper Foxx by Kodimade
Jasper Foxx at the first Frantic Eufuria

Jasper Foxx (originally known as Red Fox GT) is a UK-based fursuiter and a member of the ukfur forums. He is mostly active within the southwest region as he is based in Bristol, England.

Jasper Foxx is well known around St. Austell, having appearing in the local paper, the St. Austell Voice. After the paper wrote an article about furries where "furry" was likened to an adult sexual fetish, Jasper Foxx appeared in fursuit to set the record straight.

Jasper Foxx plays a brown fox who is very playful and bouncy in nature.


Jasper Foxx is a keen finance worker in Bristol. In his spare time he likes to kick back his feet and listen to some Hardstyle or Hardhouse music. He also likes Hardcore style music.

From his musical interests, he started Frantic Eufuria in 2010 which has continued to be a success.

Fursona change[edit]

In December 2007, Red Fox GT had mixed feelings about his fursona, and created a new one, 'Jasper Foxx'. This character was inspired by the new fursuit he had created and built with his mother, and he felt 'more himself' as Jasper and in fursuit than he ever did as Red Fox GT.


Red Fox GT[edit]

Red Fox GT's first fursuit was a partial; the chest was made by his mother, the tail was created by his brother's girlfriend, the paws were commisioned by Tryst, and the head built by Kimiko Kitsune (Not to be confused with KimikoKitsune, the fursuiter).

Jasper Foxx[edit]

His second fursuit was entirely constructed by Jasper and his mother. This suit is now de-commisioned due to the suit being damaged beyond repair during use.

His third fursuit was created by Kodi, and he took delivery of this in January 2011. Only a partial at present, Jasper plans to turn this into a fullsuit.

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