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Red Devil (Dangerous Spirits) is a 2014 supernatural suspense novel written by Kyell Gold. It is the sequel to his 2012 novel Green Fairy, and features many of the cast members from the first novel. It was released in print on 17 January 2014 at Further Confusion 2014, followed by e-book releases on 1 February through Bad Dog Books and 1 March through other platforms. Like its prequel, Red Devil is Gold's second non-erotic novel.


Alexei (a minor character in the prequel), a gay Siberian fox who immigrated to Sol's country as an exchange student, seeks the help of the ghost of a Siberian soldier in order to resist a swaggering bully in school, even though he has to hurt Sol in the process. The ghost, offended that Alexei is sexually attracted to men (and had to flee Siberia for that reason), demands that Alexei renounce his sexual orientation. However, when his sister Caterina, who was left behind with their abusive parents in Siberia, falls into mortal danger, Alexei needs the help of the ghost to save her from death, putting him at odds with his own romantic life.

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