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Kuze 'Red' Fox, commonly called "Red" is the furry of a United States based soldier, writer, and Rp'er/administrator at the online forum of Heat of the Night. Though tough on the battlefield, he is one of the most fun, random, and relaxed furs you'll ever have the chance of meeting...if you do.

All complete info on Red can be found here at Red's Home Page (dont forget to sign the guest book!)


Red is obviously a red fox who just so happens to be the 3rd deadliest sin- Wrath. He appears slim to the unkeen eye, but when the adrenalin starts pumping you'd best watch out. At the weight of 140 lbs and height of 5'10" he isn't the largest of any animal, but then again size only counts for so much. He has blue eyes, short cut orange/red fur, and a natural mid-sized mo-hawk down the center with white tips. Holds the rank of 2nd Lt, commander of the 3/144 Mech Infantry 'Fighting Foxes'.

"Fighting Fox Motto- Live hard, Love hard, but die harder."

At the moment, he wears metal leg and arm plates with a red and black loin cloth. Has a metal crotch plate as he believes in the "future." Typically goes bare chested but will use special body plates in times of need.. Enjoys his black marching boots with his pistol leg holster on his upper leg. A butt pack is common but only during times of fighting.

By far his favorite weapon is his modified .50 Cal Slug M1A1 Thompson Sub-machine gun and Colt 1911. He is known to carry a combat knife and pocket knife in various pouches for anything that may come to bare. When the situation call for it, he'll set aside his "toys" and use anything that he can get his paws on.


Red is an overcurious creature who is called childish at times due to it. He isn't afraid to share his thoughts or ideas especially if they are humorous, nothing is sacred, and loves to just talk about almost anything. He tries his best at all he does even if its a bad thing. He is constantly active to fight off 'boredom' and is always willing to try something new unless it involves: drugs, tattoos, or something just plain sick. Will get blood-lust if caught up in the moment or feels if his friends are threatened.

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