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Cosas sorprendentes estan por llegar

(Amazing things are yet to come)

Author(s) Kennet Brent
Status Under construction
Launch date 2006
    • Online: 2007 - 2008
    • Offline: 2008 - September 2010
Genre furry community
Banner as of 2009 is a Spanish-speaking furry community started by Kennet Brent.

History[edit] came online in 2006, originally as a furry forum from 2007 to mid-2008. By late 2008, it switched to a furry community format. Alex Vixgeck and Salmy joined the staff circa 2007. From early 2009 to late 2010, the site stayed online with no access activity, Salmy left the staff around 2009



On September 2011, the site started renovations to bring the site back online. At present time, the front page shows a progress bar indicating the site status until its relaunch date.

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