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Reckonin is a character in the webcomic Jack. He is occasionally called "Reck" by others, and according to the arc "Frigid McThunderbones", his first name is Micheal. He is portrayed as a ferret with angel's wings. In the webcomic, he is often engaged in fighting the Sins. He first appeared in the arc Games We Play in Hell. He carries two Roman short swords with which he carries out God's vengeance against the followers of Vince van Morrison (AKA The Sin of Greed) who seemingly congregate daily in Vince's Arena to watch bloodsport and curse the son of God, convinced by the false prophet that their boldness will award them favor in God's eyes. In the most recent arc, Reckonin's wings were ripped off by Sister Gluttony. The injury is, so far, permanent, since Farrago was unable to regrow her lost wings without the help of another.

The character Reckonin is the property of a friend of the cartoonist David Hopkins.

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