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Reaperfox (born July 4, 1900),[1] also known as Selena Thomas, is a furry artist who lives in South West England.[2]

Reaperfox specialises in digital illustrations, though she also creates watercolour, marker, and pencil works as well.[2] Every year, she sells art and nerd-culture related goods at various conventions around England.


Reaperfox is a huge gamer, and spend most evenings embroiled in some sort of video game.[2] She also plays Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer.

Reaperfox collects My Little Ponies (both oldschool and FiM), and has about two thousand of them. In 2003, she appeared on the BBC show I Love Toys, discussing her collection.[3]

She absolutely loves Doctor Who (preferring the tenth Doctor), Mad Men, Disney movies, Oingo Boingo, world travel, pretty 1950s dresses, and banana sambuca.[2]


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