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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #RealFreedom.

RealFreedom is a channel on the AnthroChat IRC network originally founded by Cinos Modnar on July 27th, 2015. Its purpose was to create a community for users to speak freely about most topics without the fear of being censored. #RealFreedom is not strictly a NSFW or RP channel, but posting NSFW content or taking part in any type of RP is not against the rules.

The channel originally started as #Freedom but was moved to #RealFreedom after a few arguments regarding administration after a transfer of ownership that was only intended to be temporary.

In 2017, it was expanded to a Telegram group [1], though the rules and even some of the administrators remained the same. [2][3]

Cinos has since then resigned from the administration, and moved on to other projects.

IRC Rules[edit]

  1. Do not spam.
  2. Do not flood.
  3. Do not post links to illegal content or participate in illegal activities in the channel.
  4. Don’t join to cause drama.
  5. Please tag disturbing/NSFW content!
  6. Don’t ask for channel status or be a backseat moderator. [4]

Staff Members[edit]

IRC Nick Status
Cinos Owner
NovaSquirrel Administrator
auxolotl Administrator
Curse Op
TheRedFuck Op
cheapie Half-op

IRC Bots[edit]

Bot Name Description
Modnarness A bot created by Cinos that runs various administrative functions as well as useful functions for regular users including DNS lookup, port checking, and even playing Hangman. It also provides advanced spam and flood protection.
TalkBot A bot created by Cinos that responds to certain phrases and can be asked simple questions, such as "Who is Cinos?"
NovaBot A bot created by NovaSquirrel that provides many functions and has its own help page.
Stats An idling ZNC instance used for logging for the stats page.
YiffBot The channel's BotServ bot, used for certain administrative actions.