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Razor the Draggi (real name Steven Kaufman, b. June 20, 1990) is a furry who lives in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.


Razor is a ten year old kid dragon who is interpreted as a baby fur by some and as an adult by others. He mated to and in a closed relationship with Faolan, a wolf/coyote.

Physical description[edit]

Razor is a very small dragon, standing only five-foot-nine-inches tall. Due to knee problems, he is not often found walking on all fours. His scales are a medium or dark red, depending on the temperature of his environment.

Razor has two small wings, spanning only about eight-and-a-half feet from wing-tip to wing-tip. These wings are as strong as steel and as soft as velvet. There are two white stripes running from his wing bases to the tip of his tail, which is twelve-foot long.

Razor has a "X"-shaped scar on the outside of the white stripe under his right wing base. He also has four crosses burned into his right forearm, for personal reasons.

Character backstory[edit]

When Razor was young he learned very quickly to defend for himself and his siblings. His mom and dad split when he was very young.

Razor wasn't much of a troublemaker as a kid, but more of a role model for his brothers. He learned to master the art of fire, practicing on a daily basis. Razor used to spar with his father (Mr. Vixen) but they are not as close as they used to be. Razor has adopted two friends that consider him their dad.

Razor's family has basically fallen apart, so he is on his own, watching his back as well as those of his mates. Razor likes being mysterious and distant. Even those who are aware of him do not know very much about him at all.

Real life[edit]

Steven Kaufman joined the furry fandom in 2007. His interests include music and gaming, particularly Guild Wars. He also enjoys music. His tastes change from day to day, but he cannot stand rap, hard rock, or heavy metal.

Kaufman enjoys taking long, pointless walks or bike rides around the city. Being very shy, he prefers to hang out in small groups.

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