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Razor in Razor's Edge

Razor is a character from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Razor's real name is Jake Clawson, and, like his buddy T-Bone (real name Chance Furlong), he is a garage mechanic. However, Jake's other occupation is a gunner and weapons designer for the team consisting of himself and T-Bone, aka the SWAT Kats.

More comfortable around high-tech gadgetry than people,[1] Jake gets nervous around the ladies, especially around Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs. His favorite TV show is David Litterbin,[2] the feline equivalent of David Letterman. One of Jake's favorite movies is Hardshell,[3] a movie about giant bugs terrorizing a city. Jake has also suffered from hairballs[4] and, probably because of his lanky build, is frequently seen trying to prove himself as tough and macho as Chance. Jake also keeps potted plants around the garage ("good for the environment, good for the air" as he says).[5]

Razor's favorite expression is "Bingo!", which he frequently utters when his weapons hit their mark. He's also more prone than T-Bone to blacking out under heavy G-forces.[6] Razor has also been frustrated while fighting crime. For example, he once tried to disarm a bomb by cutting the red wire, only to find that all the wires were red.[7]

While T-Bone normally flies the Turbokat, Razor once piloted it when T-Bone was unable to do so.[8] Unfortunately, Razor was later forced to ditch the jet and eject to complete the mission.

Razor also once left the team[9] when an attempt to catch Dark Kat resulted in Razor launching a missile that destroyed a warehouse, injuring an elderly couple walking by. That incident was enough to rattle Razor's confidence that he hesitated to act upon encountering Dark Kat again, which nearly got the Turbokat destroyed. T-Bone criticized Razor for his hesitation, prompting Razor to leave the team. He later rejoined T-Bone upon learning more about the warehouse incident (primarily when he visited the elderly couple at the hospital, only to discover they were working for Dark Kat and were in fact at least 30 years younger).

One of Razor's inventions, a dimensional radar, was struck by lightning during a flight[10] when he and T-Bone were testing the radar. The lightning strike sent the pair into an alternate universe where Dark Kat, the SWAT Kats and Deputy Mayor Briggs were all engaged in a plan to take over Megakat City.

While T-Bone and Razor have successfully managed to keep their real identities secret, they had two separate close calls where Commander Feral nearly learned who they really were. In one incident, Razor pretended to take Deputy Mayor Briggs hostage before Feral could unmask the pair.[11] In the other, the Metallikats learned who the SWAT Kats were and offered the information to Feral in exchange for their freedom. Refusing to bargain, Feral instead used a neural neutralizer to deactivate the Metallikats.[12]


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