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Ray-Ray Rambles is an American fursuiter, fursuit maker and furry YouTuber.


She has been a YouTuber for nearly two years and was once a gaming channel. She has deleted a large amount of her gaming videos and restarted her channel as a furry channel in mid January of 2018. She specializes in fursuits, advice, and other similar content.

One of her more popular videos was a PSA about the dangers of a cardboard fursuit,[citation needed] which helped her channel get attention as she started out as a furry Youtube.


She has many characters (Over 13) as well as two fursonas, Kujali the African elephant and Ray-Ray the wolf.


Rambles has a small fursuit making business that she calls Ramble Studios, which currently operates out on Etsy.


Ray-Ray owns three fursuits, Ray-Ray the wolf (partial, made by her, first suit) Arson, the possessed caracal (partial, made by her, third suit) And General Ulfric the polar bear (Digigrade fullsuit, made by Keeshollows). She primarily wears Ray-Ray as she is her fursona and mascot. Her favorite prop is a large plush pineapple which she carried around with her at Furlandia 2018. Ray-Ray has made four fursuits and is working on a fifth.

Convention attendance[edit]

Ray-Ray has attended Furlandia 2018, and won an honorable mention in the dance competition (Partial division).[citation needed] She has also participated in the Furlandia's fursuit parade along side Yemmi the wolf, the second suit she made. She has attended other non furry cons but she has not specified which.


Ray-Ray is also the creator of the Makaran species, a closed species that resembles the cross between a horse, a fish, and other unknown creatures. Makaran traits include webbed finger and toes, No paw pads, long muzzles with horse like nostrils, sharp teeth, love of the water (especially cold), bipedal stance, raptor like tails, fins, vestigial gills, and a large Mohawk like fin on their head.

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