Silent Ravyn

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Silent Ravyn
Born 1988
Profession or hobby Artist, Fursuit Maker
Character species Arctic Foxwolf
Convention GoH Fur-Eh! 2012,
Silent Ravyn's fursona
Silent Ravyn's old fursuit

Silent Ravyn (a.k.a. Ravyn Nikita Foxwolf; born November 24th, 1988)[1] is a nonbinary furry artist and fursuit-maker from Alberta, Canada.

They were the GoH at the inaugural Fur-Eh! 2012, as well as Wild Prairie Fur Con 2022.


Ravyn's fursona, is a white folf (or arctic foxwolf), the hybrid between an arctic fox and a timber wolf, which was created in 2003.[2] They have light brown paws, ears, and tail, and heart-shaped pink pawpads. They have heterochromia eyes, where the left is blue and the right is green, and a brown spot on the corner of each eye. In 2012, the character was slightly redesigned to include a floppy right ear, a light grey saddle on the upper back, and an additional brown spot on the left elbow.[3] Originally Silent Ravyn's fursuit was built by themself, but in 2013 they commissioned Don't Hug Cacti to build them a new one.[4]


Ravyn creates both cartoon and realistic art in various media, depicting both non-anthro and anthropomorphic characters. They specialize in traditional media, primarily watercolor paint, colored pencil and marker. Their fursuits are made under the name "LittleFangs Studio".[5]

They have also illustrated some furry publications, including Blaze and Red Silver by Steve Alford, Allasso Volume 2, Abandoned Places and AnthropoMORPHINE issue 14.[6][7]

Ravyn does shirt designs for Guilty Fox Apparel and Nomad Complex.


Ravyn has been attending furry conventions since AC 2007, and has now been to several conventions on 3 continents, including FC, VancouFur, EF, and FurDU. They generally have a table in the Dealer's Den and often display original works in the art show as well.


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