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Tim Johnson (Ravenwolf) is a furry artist whose work can be found on his own web site Felwroth, and previously on House Rancourt, Fanarchive, Yerf and FurNation. He discovered the online furry fandom scene in 1995, and drew heavily from 1995 through 2001. His style draws heavily from Wendy Pini's Elfquest and from fantasy artists such as Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, and Clyde Caldwell. He is perhaps best known for large-named tribal-themed barbarians popular with werewolf fans, and has been suggested to be the artist (or at least one of the artists) who launched the "tribal" trend in furry fandom. Tim's work spans the emotional spectrum from playful and whimsical to dark and desolate. Fans of his work are particularly moved by the emotive content of his pieces, and by the richness of detail in the characters he portrays, often telling the stories of his characters through a single work of art.

Tim's best known characters are the wolfik couple Fakail (a highborne mage) and Lyssiah (a wilds barbarian), and their two adventuring children, Skrajah and V'jarrh. These four characters have appeared in different incarnations in Tim's work, and collaboratively with Justin Carpenter in their Aman'Dun desert kingdom stories.

Tim also collaborated with Justin on the early therianthropy site WolfHome, and is currently involved with the San Paolo stories on The American Riviera MUCK.

Tim does not use the term "furry" to describe his work, instead calling his anthropomorphic animals "critters". He is welcoming toward his furry fans, but does not identify himself as a part of furry fandom.

Due to difficulties with artist's block and a busy personal schedule, Tim is not as prolific an artist as he once was.

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