Paul Defenbaugh

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Paul Defenbaugh
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Other names Ravenscroft/RavenscroftX, Peter C. Drake, Brocken Spectre, ClockworkRave
Born December 19, 1969
Profession or hobby Furry artist, writer, musician
Character species Human

Paul Defenbaugh, or just Defenbaugh, also known as Ravenscroft/RavenscroftX, Peter C. Drake, Brocken Spectre, and ClockworkRave, is an furry artist, writer, and musician.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Defenbaugh joined the furry fandom circa 1988 after writer Pauli Kidd showed him an anthro pin-up calendar by artist Dan Flahive.

He was a Guest of Honor for the furry track at Duckon IV.


Defenbaugh's persona, Ravenscroft (created Sunday April 26, 1992 @08:00:44 PDT), was a demonic shadow wolf[1] who resided on FurryMUCK, but who longer exists as of March 2023.[clarify]

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) GoH


Defenbaugh is particularly fond of bright colors, pin-ups, and the occasional soft-core adult art, and he has done work with Fur Play, Midnight Sands, Genus (covers #7/#14), Yarf!, and other small press fanzines.

He was influenced by fellow artist Vicky Wyman, and has an Associate of Applied Science in Computer animation.


Paul Defenbaugh has written stories under the nom de plume Peter C. Drake, and is credited for writing for the First Edition of the Werewolf: The Apocalypse's players guide.[2]


Title Year released Company Genre Theme ISBN/ISBN13 Notes
Werewolf Players Guide 1992 White Wolf Publishing, Onyx Path Publishing Role-playing Horror 978-1556982699 Player guide for Werewolf: The Apocalypse


Defenbaugh is interested in writing, comics, music of all genres (as a music artist, Defenbaugh goes under the handle Brocken Spectre).


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