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Raven Welesa (born 1980)[1] is a babyfur and fursuiter.


Raven is a former US Army Non-commissioned Officer. His time in the service was ended due to a service-connected injury that hastened his departure from a career as an Intelligence Analyst. He was then employed as defense contractor. As of November, 2012, Raven is working as a truck driver.

Raven has been involved with the furry fandom since 2005. He was in attendance at Califur 10 along with his mate, Lotus Wolf, who is a fursuiter from California.

In January 2015, Raven proposed to Lotus Wolf live on stage at FC: Unleashed.[2] A week later they were married in a small ceremony in San Diego, California.

Tentical Difficulties Media[edit]

Raven currently create several pieces of digital media under the name "Tentical Difficulties Media" and are found on YouTube.

Name origin[edit]

The name "Raven" was created for an online World War 2 fighter pilot game called Fighter Ace. The name went unused for a time thereafter, until, in 2002, Raven's player started playing Delta Force: Land Warrior, where he used the name Raven once again as his squad name. From that point forward, the name stuck.

Second Life[edit]

Raven Welesa is active in Second Life. He is the owner and founder of the Cub Conclave and Kit Estates sims there, which cater specifically to the babyfur crowd. He is also the founder of a group there, Babyfurs and the Cubhouse Cubs.

Raven appears as a young Arctic fox (using the chibifox avatar), with black on the tips of his ears and tail, and short blue hair. He looks to be about two years old, and dresses accordingly. He is best known for his pink sailor dress and shoot gun.

Second Life family[edit]

Raven has developed an entire adopted family within Second Life:

Raven is also accompanied by aunts, uncles, hundreds of friends, and a group that is approaching 300 active members.


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