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Ravecat (born 1975) is a furry fan and lifestyler from Helsinki, Finland. He got married in 2001. He appreciates felines, nature photography, the boardgame of go, and techno music and computers. Most of his photos have cats, squirrels, hares, hedgehogs, or common birds.

Ravecat used to work as a computer programmer in 2000-2004 and managed to get a degree in computer science. His university studies got him onto the internet in 1994. He was active in FurryMUCK in 1995-2000, after that he briefly frequented furry irc channels. Currently he has very little involvement with the furry community, except on deviantArt.


Ravecat is a 5'3" tall catmorph with night-black fur and green eyes that dart inquisitively about. His tail appears thick and well-groomed, and reaches easily down to the ground. He's wearing plastic neon-green shorts, reminiscent of rave clothing from 1993.

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