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Rave Fox is a fursuiter who used to live in Edmonton, Alberta, and now lives in Calgary, Alberta.[1] He used to date Sylo Metaxas, but has been dating Silent Ravyn since 2014.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Rave's fursona is a red fox with a cyan biohazard symbol on his chest.[2] He also has four cyan stripes encircling each forearm, a cyan stripe on his undertail, and a lengthy lock of cyan hair falling over his face. Rave's markings glow blue when he is happy or excited.

Rave's left eye is red and his right eye is blue. His cyan coloration continues with his claws and the tips of his ears, the latter of which have multiple piercings.

Rave Fox's fursuit was constructed by Made Fur You.[3]

Conventions attendance[edit]


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