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Rattuskid, also known as AngryPuritan, Dunlop, RattusAureus, or simply Rattus, lives in Delaware, U.S.A. and has been active in the furry fandom since around the beginning of 2004. On the side, he's done volunteer work for the Red Cross and at an animal shelter. He has been mated to Eeskayes the red pandasince 2009, but they are in an open relationship, and his mistress is Savaag the doe whitetail deer.

Furry works[edit]

Rattus, as a hobby, has drawn a few images for friends, but his abilities as a visual artist are a bit limited and underused. He also fancies himself somewhat of a writer, although examples[1] available online are few and far between (and usually very old).

This hobby has gotten him into a bit of trouble, after a commission for a story from Alvero resulted in a fair amount of drama.[2] It's safe to assume that Rattuskid consumes more in terms of furry art and literature than he produces.


Rattus has attended a few conventions, averaging about one a year. To date, he's attended:

Crush Yiff Destroy[edit]

In 2005, Rattus joined the Crush Yiff Destroy forums. He did not let on who he was in the fandom (although it didn't matter either) or that he was even furry at all. So instead, in an effort to pick a name which would be the greatest affront to a casual reader of furry persuasion, he chose 'AngryPuritan', which narrowly won out over 'RepublicanJesus'.

Eventually, his true identify came to be known, and it all became a moot point anyway. He came to be relatively well received, and became a moderator of one of the sub-forums, then a forum wide moderator. These were lost after Mitch acquired an IRC chat log where Rattus openly contemplated deleting all threads on the site to make a statement about quality of the forum, the banning of Kindrift, and a censoring of certain topics (which was believed to be a part of appeasement or long-term manipulation of other furries). [citation needed]

LiveJournal groups[edit]

Rattuskid is a member of several furry communities on LiveJournal. These include the New Jersey Furs, Soviet Furs, and the Crush Yiff Destroy LiveJournal groups.


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