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Ratteu's fursona design

Ratteu, also known as Cathee, Folxino, 拉提沃, ラッテウ, aaa1357932 (born February 29, 1992),[1] is a Taiwanese furry artist and furry musician. Due to a love of coffee, Ratteu's name is a combination of "Latte" and "Wolf"


Ratteu's fursona is an axesual Latte wolf wearing with female purple clothing who can use magic.


Ratteu is the former of the independent label "Coffee Furries".

The members are Ratteu, Cathee and Folxino. Every members perform different style and genres.

At 29 Feb 2020, Ratteu has release their debut EP "Hello, My Darling - The Last Meeting Within 20 Minutes".


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