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This article is about the fursuiter who lives in Dallas, Texas. For the furry who lives in Florida, see Ratchet Fox (Florida).

Ratchet Fox (also known as Ratchet4620; born April 8, 1991)[1] is a Texas-born furry who lives in Universal City, Texas, U.S.A. His fursona is a red fox.[2]

Ratchet has been in the fandom since mid-2008. He is a DJ at several clubs in Second Life, such as IYC, The Yiff Factory, and Club Rainbow Tiger.


Ratchet Fox has been attending conventions since February 2009. He has been to:[2]

He is on the staff of several of these events, acting as AV production director for Furry Fiesta, Biggest Little Fur Con and Wild Nights, Logistics Director for Furry Siesta, AV/Facilites second for Further Confusion, Video crew member for Midwest FurFest, Camera operator/General Tech for Youmaco, and Audio Lead For Nightmare Nights Dallas.[2]


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