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Ratchet & Clank is an action platformer game designed by Insomniac Games. It was originally released for the Playstation 2 console in the USA on November 4, 2002 and has since had twelve other titles in the franchise spread over PS2, PS3 and PS4, two mobile games, and a movie. It has grown into one of the three most popular platformer franchises for the Playstation 2, along with Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper.

The game features a character named Ratchet, a member of a fictional furry species called the lombax, which has large pointed ears, stripes, and a tail with a puffball tip. He carries his sidekick, a robot called Clank, on his back. Ratchet can collect a variety of weapons including bombs, a blaster, a flame thrower, and a bazooka. He can also collect a number of gadgets that allow him to perform various stunts and solve puzzles, such as magnetic boots and a grappling hook. It is established in 2007's Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction that Ratchet is the last of his race in the universe (seemingly clearing up a misconception that Angela Cross, from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, was also a lombax, as many fans believed, but an in-game news cast in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time tells that she actually is a Lombax.); the rest of his race escaped into an alternate dimension to avoid destruction.

While the game features characters that are considered 'furry' by the fandom, it is unlikely that they were created with furries in mind.


  • Clank: This robot is a pint-size adept generated in an apparent processing error by a factory which produces combat and security robots. He starts the game by slipping out of a dispensing chute and stealing a spaceship. Unfortunately, he is pursued and shot down, crash-landing on planet Veldin near Ratchet's home.
  • Ratchet: Ratchet is a lombax, a self-taught mechanic who dreams of travelling to other worlds in search of fame and fortune; to that end, he is building a ship -- one which needs a robotic starter unit. He rescues Clank, who happens to have that capability, and thus the team is forged.
  • Chairman Drek: Chairman of a company which polluted the Blarg homeworld until it became uninhabitable except by toxic sludge-monsters. He has a plan to replace it, however...
  • Captain Qwark: He is the Hero of the Universe and Savior of the Galaxy -- if you believe his advertising. Ratchet figures that the best way to save his home from Drek is to get Qwark to do it.

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