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Rat Bastard was a grungy, futuristic comic about Rosco Rodent, private investigator, created by Crucial Comics who claimed to be the Comic Industry's Middle Finger in an effort to appear dark and witty. During the year 2000, Cliff Galbraith of Crucial Comics announced that the comic would become an animated show on UPN.


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The Rat Bastard comic was produced for a grand total of six comics with thirty-two page, full color books done by the Huja Brothers of Crucial Comics. Two of Rosco's adventures were released as Fix For A King and Vengeance Day during the run of the six comic books. The comic was created with a futuristic, crime driven city, called Lowtown, in mind that had met with scientific experimentation to make life better. In turn many people were morphed with gene therapy to create hybrid animal and human DNA throughout the locals.

With genetic therapy came a new wave of junkie lowlifes obsessed with obtaining genetic stablization treatments. Thus, Gene District was created to provide fixes for junkies and citizens alike on the black market. The story revolves around many genetic criminal acts that occur throughout the city in an effort to become Perfect, or pure humans once more.

Pitchshifter CD art with Rat Bastard cameo

Music comic[edit]

Rosco Rodent made a cameo appearance later on in the artwork for a Pitchshifter CD. The four page comic short depicted Rosco Rodent as the contact of Pitchshifter to get their music on the air. The Media Broadcasting Company's image was that of the evil adversary who had let the airwaves become stagnate with dull music. After holding the DJ crew at gunpoint, Rosco manages a daring air of Pitchshifter's new CD on the airwaves to save the city from impending boredom and dull music.

Cast of characters[edit]

Each character in the Rat Bastard universe was given a ratio of human genes to other genes that may have been in their bodies. Those ratios will be listed in reference to Crucial Comic's lists, if available. Not all characters listed currently.

Rosco Rodent aka Rosco J. Rat

Rosco Rodent[edit]

Rosco Rodent was considered the protagonist of the Rat Bastard series. His name was changed to Rosco J. Rat when introduced into the animation for UPN. Rosco has been genetically altered to the point that he's more rat than human. The people of Lowtown treat him like he's nothing but trash due to his affliction. The UPN pilot episode talks about getting a secret serum that could turn even him back into a pure human, but Rosco could care less. Rosco's mode of transportation through the airways of Lowtown is a souped up hover bike.

  • Age: 29
  • Affiliation: Rosco Rodent Investigation Co.
  • Gene Ratio: 29% Human, 57% Rat, 14% Misc
  • Traits: Wiry, 105 lbs, 5'2, No hair, Yellow eyes



Lori plays Rosco's ex-girlfriend and still sassy-mouse, love interest. She works with the police as a medical nurse and crime scene investigator. She implies sexual relations with Rosco throughout the pilot episode of Rat Bastard. Though her scenes in the pilot episode are cut down to mostly the beginning and end, it's clear that Rosco relies on her for information, rescues, and other various activities. Lori is far closer to being human than Rosco, but still exhibits thick mouse traits. She's seen wearing blue eyeliner and a futuristic medical outfit that looks better suited to a mad scientist.

  • Age: 25
  • Affiliation: Manhattan Empire P.D., CSI Division
  • Gene Ratio: Unknown
  • Traits: Sleek, Unknown weight, 4'11, Orange hair, Yellow eyes

S.M. Elvis[edit]

S.M. Elvis, aliases The King, Smelvis, and Sadomasochist Elvis, is the fat cat ruler of Lowtown. He has proclaimed himself a religious figure to the people and has a large following, called Elvologists, who dress in outfits similar to robes worn by Spanish priests or the Ku Klux Klan outfits. He has even created the Church of Elvis in Lowtown. The way he is portrayed in the pilot causes him to look as if he'd be more at home playing a fat Elvis Presley lookalike. Though he is something of a tyrant in Lowtown, he is not the focus of crime during the comics for the most part.

  • Age: 47
  • Affiliation: King of Lowtown
  • Gene Ratio: 92% Human, 8% Misc
  • Traits: Scrawny, 160 lbs, 5'9, Black hair, Unknown eye color (wears black glasses)
Detective "Pork Chop" Penski

Detective Penski[edit]

Detective Penski, often seen with a cigar, is the guy who is a walking-talking, ironic and stereotypical police officer. He's called Pork Chop Penski by Rosco due to the fact that the majority of his non-human genes are from a pig, thus, giving him the true pig image as a cop. Because he finds little to nothing that he likes about Rosco, he calls the P.I. when things get rough so he doesn't have to deal with it. Other than giving Rosco a lot of trouble and taking the spoils of any victories Rosco happens to gain, Pork Chop isn't often seen during Rosco's adventures. He is, however, an integral part to getting Rosco to the action.

  • Age: 58
  • Affiliation: Manhattan Empire P.D.
  • Gene Ratio: 74% Human, 22% Porcine, 4% Misc
  • Traits: Husky, 258 lbs, 6'2, Black hair, Brown eyes

Animated Pilot[edit]

The show was scheduled to air January, 2001. Sadly, the show was cancelled before it even started after the show's producer left UPN. There has been no recent word on when or if the show will ever be aired on any networks. However, 4 Color Review was kind enough to release the test pilot for the show, over five minutes long. Though 4 Color Review is no longer active, the pilot is still able to be found hidden in the hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube. This video is for mature audiences only as it tends to go overboard on sexual references and has one of the things that disturbs America the most today, a transvestite. Be warned of this video's adult nature before watching it.

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