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There is a similarly-named person called Rasvar.
A panel from Rasvaar uploaded on Feb. 7, 2006
Author(s) Lex, also known as skets Lemur-Fox
Update schedule Finished
Launch date Jan. 10, 2006
End Date Sept. 21, 2014
Genre Drama, Comedy

Rasvaar is a webcomic created by Lex, who also goes by the alias of skets Lemur-Fox, following the life of a gay fox named Rasvaar Grandon.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

When his little sister reveals to the town gossip her brother is gay, Rasvaar, afraid his parents will hear through the grape vine (they're apparently extremely anti-gay, and literally excommunicated Rasvaar's aunt from the family after she confessed to being gay), hitchhikes across Australia with his best friend Leanne, a crazy Lemur, Xavier, a goat, and later, a bat called Troy who becomes Rasvaar's boyfriend. After they stop off at the Mardi Gras Rasvaar decides it's time to return home.

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