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Ragnah'reknik (abbreviated Rarek) is a red dragon. In his non-anthro form, Rarek stands nearly 100 feet high at the shoulder, with an overall length (nose-tail) of 150 feet. His wingspan is 175 feet tip to tip. Rarek is also known to be an anthro from time to time, in which case he is 5'8" tall, with a tail length of three feet and a wingspan of approximately twelve feet.

In anthro form, Rarek's most distinguishing feature is a livid scar across his muzzle, reminiscient of Squall Leonhart's in the game Final Fantasy VIII. In both forms, he has a black spot of undefined shape on his right haunch. This is an innate discoloration of his scales; the scales in that area are black, as opposed to red.

Rarek enjoys shineys as well as theater and art.

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