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Rarakie is an artist and fursuit maker. She lives in New Zealand and does furry art as a full time living. She made fursuits under the name FurGen Studios, before shutting up shop in July, 2012.[1]


Rarakie's fursona is a dog/bird hybrid with interchangeable horns or antlers. She gives free range to artists drawing her character to decide what horns they want to draw.


In March, 2013, it was discovered that Rarakie was using photographs pulled from the internet as backgrounds in her artwork, running a filter over them to make them look like digital paintings.[2] This was in violation of the TOS of Fur Affinity (where she hosted her art, and which requires referenced images to be credited).

Rarakie subsequently deleted the content of her Fur Affinity account and changed her profile to read "I will not be uploading to this account again."[3] On July 22, 2013, she began uploading new art to the account.[4]


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