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Raptor Red is a novel, first published in 1995, by American paleontologist Robert T. Bakker about a year in the life of a female Utahraptor in the early Cretaceous.

Raptor Red loses her mate in the first chapter, and over the following year she survives a flood, famine, Acrocanthosaur attacks, and handles courtship and sisterhood.

Along the way the story also glimpses into the lives of other creatures, including crocodiles, turtles and mammals. All of which create a complete sense of what the Cretaceous period might have been like.

The characters are not anthropomorphic. There is no English dialogue (except occasional "subtitles"). They act, live and think like animals. It is of interest to furries because the dinosaur’s world is told entirely from the dinosaur’s point of view. The book puts the stream of consciousness of dinosaurs into human perspective, but there are no humans in the story.