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RaptonX (RaptonX Zorger on Second Life) is an artist who lives in Sonoma County California, United States.


RaptonX's fursonas originated from identities that he had before he discovered furries in 2001.

His primary Sona being a feral blue dragon, though sometimes depicted as a human that changes into said dragon. His character can also change into other animals, but currently keeps his primary as a dragon. Other forms being a horse, a dolphin, and a few others.

Creative works[edit]

RaptonX primarily draws transformation art, but has an affinity for really bizarre odd drawings that are not furry related. He builds and sells avatars in Second Life, primarily dragons and mutated things. Has done a variety of experiments with SL mesh which are sold in Grendel's, a Second Life store since 2006, but has not made anything new for quite some time after getting a full time job. He now dedicates all creative activity to drawing.

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