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Raptavio is a known troll[1][2][3] of furries, primarily on FurryMUCK, where he has been a member since 1994, but would occasionally make his presence known in other furry venues.[4] He has been largely inactive since 2005 on this MUCK, but does make occasional appearances in the West Corner of the Park.


Raptavio's favored targets of trolling usually are those who powergame, exhibit overt public sexual behavior, or people who call attention to themselves through obnoxious behavior. Often, he employs a virtual "Golden L Stamp" to stamp a red "L" on the forehead of his target.[5][6]

Because of his choice of targets, he had some popularity amongst the users of FurryMUCK who share his apparent disdain for extreme or annoying furries.[7] Nonetheless, he has been suspended from the MUCK several times by the administrators for his behavior.[citation needed]


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