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Raphial Hebert, also known as Raph (born August 12, 1991),[1], husband to Bit-Bite[2], is a furry artist whose fursona is an arctic wolf jackal hybrid. Raised in northern Louisiana, U.S.A., he lives in the state of Washington.[3] and is the owner of iRaph Studios[4], Puget Sound Furs[5], and the Glytheum State Project[6].

Raphial first joined the Furry Fandom in 2004, first making his online presence on the Krystal Lovers' Association in 2005 as a StarFox and StarFox Adventures fan[7]. He later joined deviantART in 2006[8] before registering on FurAffinity in 2008 [9].

They attended their first furry convention in 2014 at RainFurrest[10] before attending a handful of others including Biggest Little Fur Con and Furvana.

Digital and traditional art[edit]

Starting out as a traditional artist during his high school years, Raphial expanded to digital illustrations in 2009 where he started offering digital illustrations as a commissioned product until September 2019[11]. Raphial has been submitting artwork on many different artistic website platforms since 2006 and has expanded across many different social platforms, art portfolio websites, and commission product pages.

In 2010 he created iRaph Studios, a website and business used to promote and create different digital and traditional illustrations, logo designs, graphics and digital designs, and other miscellaneous art media. He attended several art classes in high school and attended one college art class in 2010.

Video game project[edit]

Since high school, he had worked on a small video game project called Active Assaults, and released a demo in 2012 [12][13][14] after working together with a small team since 2009, originally called the Sector 7 Project, a name taken from the story's plot referring to the villain Eloe[15] in the early backstory. In 2013 the project was halted, and is pending a future date of development.

In September 2013, a new webpage for the Glytheum State project website was teased, and was the old 'Active Assaults' title was changed to 'The Glytheum State', copyrighted underneath iRaph Studios, but the project still remains inactive.

Comic project[edit]

In 2017 Raphial announced a new comic series in development that takes place in the Glytheum State's universe starring the same video game project characters released in his video game demo. They are available on Patreon[16] and (soon to be) on their Glytheum State website[17]. There have been 2 full pages completed, and several more in development. There have been a lot of teaser images and character fan art and concept art released since found on Patreon, FurAffinity, Twitter, Facebook, and his website at iRaph Studios.


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