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Random was an early example of an anti-furry. He went through a period of intense trolling on alt.fan.furry during the late 1990's, often in the company of Mike Beebe (also known as Stukafox).

He was eventually banned from FurryMUCK and Sociopolitical Ramifications for his unwavering anti-furry stance both on the aforementioned MUCKs and elsewhere, and soon completely vanished from these online communities.

His furry persona was a black panther on FurryMUCK, and as such, has had many appearances in Jim Groat's West Corner Of the Park web comic. On June 30, 1999, an online confrontation between Random and Groat ensued with a lawsuit threat for illegal copyright use of Random's copyrighted character.

The threat was never carried out, and Random seems to have left the fandom presently, even though the character name resurfaces on most new MUCKs, with trolls claiming to be the original Random.

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