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Randl, by pollo-chan

Randl Arancion Jr. (Real name Randall "Randy" Alan McKinney Jr., born January 6th 1989.) is a white housecat with black markings that makes his home in the deviantArt fur community. In real life, he is a freelance artist, trying to string together the Anthro community and trying to get his name out as an Anthro artist.


Born in 1989, Randl was initially a part of the Sonic fandom in 2001, until he discovered Anthro and changed his proportions and retired his Sonicsona. He created a few accounts of deviantArt, but after some years, it seems his home will remain on his overlord-rodrod account.

Randl's signature, found in the corner or his images.

He has been sharing his artwork on the internet since 2001, starting with the NetRaptor.org fanart section(Before it was locked down to official characters only.). From then on, he has appeared on deviantArt, FurAffinity, and even MangaBullet--Though his deviantArt account was by far his most active.


Randl takes interest in Anime/Manga, Artwork, Animals, Computers/Internet Gaming, Music, and Spicy Food. There are possibly more things, but these are what has been listed as of recent.


In the real world, he is indifferent to politics and news that do not affect him at all--Even at the expense of other's feelings in extreme cases. It seems that he simply chooses to abandon any possible worries and continue on with his life at whichever point it is at.

Though, he holds an open grudge against recession.


Randl is Buddhist, and because of that, he is generally accepting with most aspects of most religions--Though he is indifferent to the aspects he does not believe in/does not care about, namely those religions whom believe in converting others. He usually dislikes conversing about religion unless he has placed the subject on the table, or for some reason the subject naturally flows into it.

He does not make accusations or assumptions about religions seriously, but he will do it to joke with others he is close to.


Rodney The Bat[edit]

His first fursona was Rodney The Bat, a red Bat taking on a Sonic style muzzle, and spiky hair. He has not made an appearance at all since Randl was brought up as his fursona. His spotlight was a fair three to four years, and it is not known whether he will make a comeback as a cast member of his gallery or any of his projects.

The NetRaptor gallery that originally housed his previous creations had washed completely, so far there is no reference to show as of now. it is possible that the original computer that housed the files, or the original drawings may still exist, but again, it is unknown.

Randl Arancion Jr.[edit]

Randl Arancion, his current and proclaimed "permanant" incarnation, made his first appearance three years later, and was originally named Rod Rod, which he changed a while later to his current name. He plays a non canon role, and a canon role, though, not much has been seen of his canon role.

Non Canonical[edit]

Randl's Summer 2009 outfit, by overlord-rodrod

His fur is an extremely light grey almost white, with two triangular streaks on the outer sides of the eyes. His tail and ears are tipped in black and have black triangles near the natural gaps placed with them. He had long, loosely curled brown hair and glowing orange eyes, with whiskers of the same color that also glow. Around his neck he wears a gold bell tied around his neck with an orange ribbon, and on either wrist he wears a certain black and white wristband to each wrist. He has had three non-canonical outfits released, which can be seen in his deviantArt gallery.

It is speculated that if Randl possesses any abnormal abilities in his non-canon incarnation, they are more than likely just for cartoony effect or comedy.


Randl's Temporary Reference, by overlord-rodrod

This incarnation of Randl appears the same as his non-canon, except he is wearing an open outfit which would remind one of Monkey D. Luffy at first glance. Except some of the key features would be the bodysuit he wears underneath, and the bracers on his forearms--He created three more characters, all having a weapon of some sort. This leads us to think of him as of some sort of martial artist, and also that his manga will involve combat.

Though, not much is known yet.

Community Contributions[edit]

Randl is an active fur, and he tries to unite the community of Anthro artists the best he can. Most of the sightings appear to happen when checking his deviantArt activity tab. Though, his contributions can be described as "baby steps," even as a whole.


His contributions have stemmed mainly from his deviantArt gallery, and still continue. He has been known for watching any artist that watches him, both as an act of encouragement and kindness.

Randl socializes with other fur artists regardless of their skill, and does his best to encourage anthro artists of any calibur. His watch activity changes a bit every now and then, suggesting he is making decent progress.


He posts in the Welcome Center forum, the Anthro Gallery forum, and the Manga/Anime Gallery forum. Like before, he does his best to encourage and give his input on subjects when asked. Judging from some posts that have been seen through his activity, he looks past the fact that he is an Anthro artist and can strike grounds with Manga/Anime artists alike.


He is part of four Anthro specific clubs on deviantArt, and made a post in the Anthro Gallery Forum asking for more Anthro Clubs. Though two of them have seemed to become inactive, he tries to stand for Anthro community spirit.


Randl is a WikiFur user, and when he has little to nothing else to do, he either edits his own article, or reads more in the wiki. He has known about, and read WikiFur since September 2008.

He mostly attempts to fix grammar/capitalization, undo vandalism and keep an eye on the Recent changes page.

Other Fur Communities[edit]

In other places, such as the FurAffinity Forums and Furspace, Randl plays his role as a citizen. Since these communities are made for the fandom exclusively, there is little feel to pull together a community like in other places.

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