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Rally's new fursona, drawn by Bayson.

Rally (born August 20th, 1985) is the fursona of David Reynolds, who is mated to Bayson and ShadowWolfZero.

Rally and Bayson met in the Road Rovers fandom and have been together since February 14, 2002. Since May 23, 2003, they have been living together in southern Indiana, U.S.A.

While in the Road Rover fandom, Rally created a race car simulation where other furs would have their own car which he would let race and post the results later on. This project ended in 2007 due to lack of interest and has not come back since.

Rally's fursona was originally a mix-breed dog, but had their species changed to be a fox in November of 2007. The character's design remained mostly unchanged aside from the colorations.

Rally occasionally writes fiction stories, mostly yiffy in nature, including a few fan-fictions based on old cartoon shows.

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