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Raleigh Serralta is an anthropomorphic Ermine, albeit a "mutant" one, wearing his white fur all year 'round, with black dalmatian-like spots spattered randomly through the fur.

Raleigh is actually multiple characters - different characters in different worlds, sharing the same name and basic traits, but with different histories and personalities.


Male ermine character on FurryMUCK.[1]


Raleigh started out in mid-1991 as just-another-ermine, wandering about. He quickly opened up a haberdashery, which just as quickly was abandoned when he decided he'd rather be out wandering and hanging out with people instead of working. :)

After four years of normal existence, Raleigh came into possession of a Ring of Size Control (read: convenient plot device), and quickly joined the ranks of the Macrophiles. Usually, he'd be found at 4 or 6 inches tall, wandering the park environs or nearby. Eventually he found his favorite hangout was the Giant's Club, and spent quite a bit more time at normal or larger-than-normal size.

Recently, the ring began "misbehaving", changing Raleigh's size at random and leaving him anywhere from under a foot tall to a giant in the 300+ foot range. While amusing, this was also distracting, so Raleigh wasn't that displeased when the ring stopped functioning at all. Of course, this now leaves him at the mercy of those friends of his who have the ability to change others' sizes, mostly for their own entertainment.

Tapestries MUCK[edit]


Raleigh didn't grow up in Layleaux (the city name in Tapestries). He spent his childhoold in a normal mountain town, growing up with his family and friends, and eventually found a job as a stockboy in a warehouse stocking both wizardly supplies and premade spells and artifacts. He had the misfortune of working there during an attempted robbery, when the security spells and the thief's protection spells interacted badly (if an explosion and multicolored fireball is considered a "bad interaction"). That explosion unleashed enough of the spells around where Raleigh was working at the time to cause a massive rip in reality, dumping Raleigh through into a new world.

The ermine didn't really realize what was going on at first - he was knocked out by the explosion itself. It wasn't until he came up, bleary-eyed, and found himself having to dodge massive paws of equally massive people walking around him without ever seeing him that he realized he'd been caught in something that left him mouse-sized. Quickly retreating into a (luckily abandoned) burrow, he waited until he got the nerve up to slip back out and start exploring.

It's been a few years since that first day, and Raleigh's pretty much used to being around "freaking big giants" now. He knows at which restaurants to beg for food, and where to hang out and find folks who aren't too weirded out to converse with what seems to them to be a toy-sized person. He had a job for a couple of weeks, painting intricate nail designs at a manicurist's salon, but quit when he discovered that the local bank wouldn't open an account for him, and he certainly couldn't carry around the local currency.

BFCC - Big Furs Community College[edit]

Raleigh shows up as one of the minor characters in BFCC: Crux's Tale, and has his own short series of story segments about his first semester at BFCC as well.

  • Major: Photography
  • Minor: Industrial Graphics
  • Personality:
    • Raleigh's a friendly, introverted geek, in some sense of the word. He hides from the world behind his camera, and spends as much of his time as he can in the college's media labs. Most of his pictures are discarded, some sent with impromptu vignettes of daily life to the student-run newspaper. He's gay, but quiet about it - he won't deny it, but doesn't volunteer the information either.


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