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Rainy Chaos' fursuit

Rainy Chaos (also known as Rainfall Chaos) (born May 2000) is a furry artist, fursuiter and furry vlogger who lives in the country of Luxembourg.


Rain's fursona is a dragon-coyote hybrid with pink spots down her back and pink ear tips and hair. Her body consists of a cream underbelly and black pelt, with two small dragon horns on top of her head.

Her fursuit was made by Creature Haven in February of 2015, and her bodysuit was made by Sanctuary Suits in late April 2016.

YouTube feature incident[edit]

On January 23, 2017 Rainy Chaos was featured as a "Creator on the Rise" on the trending page of YouTube. Her channel received a spike in traffic and subscribers, but the exposure also resulted in a wave of anti-furry trolling in her comment section, which led her to disable comments and ratings on all of her videos.[1][2][3]


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