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Rainy's Marci badge.[1]
Thundie and his Doraemon plush by Kalida.[2]
Thundie art with "Blu" alias by Kay.[3]

Rainy, also known as RainyCat (born 1992 in Humble, Texas, USA), is a babyfur.


Rainy grew up mostly on the northeastern side of Houston, Texas in the suburbs until moving to Denton, Texas to attend The University of North Texas for two years towards an undecided major. Originally his major was Radio, Television, Video, and Film but then switched to Information Science and no longer attends college. Rainy enjoys programming, studying cybersecurity and cyberethics, writing and occasionally watching films, documentaries, and television shows when he isn't chatting on Discord. Rainy is mostly ABDL and has been the majority of his entire life. Rainy does not have much of a social life outside of his home computer.

Rainy loves probability and statistics and was his favorite class in college, whereas he wrote a final exam report over Chinese firewall installation and internet censorship in China.



Rainy likes to study cybersecurity and cyberethics reading books such as:

Other books Rainy has read:


Rainy enjoys programming in his free time and has been relatively popular in the cryptocurrency community.

Some of his programming examples and interests include:

Rainy has also made a few commits to the NichtParaSoup hackerspace entertainment system on GitHub and is his one of two of his favorite softwares: Link

Rainy's second favorite software is ChatterBot - A machine-learning chatbot you can integrate with Telegram with scripts.


  • Experiences with RF/EMF hypersensitivity:
    • (Now defunct, working out helps.. Exercise. Mute your phone when you sleep.)


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