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Rainstar (Rainstar9805) is a furry who lives in West Virginia, U.S.A. His fursona is a cheetah.


Rainstar is the co-host of the FursonaPod podcast. During FursonaPod episode 27, Rainstar got his first chance to be main host. He messed up quite a few times, and, each time he did so, Zaaz the Skunk playfully fired him. This eventually became an inside joke between the FursonaPod members and listeners. As of FursonaPod episode 28, Rainstar has been fired 23 times.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Rainstar enjoys his life in West Virginia, and considers himself to be somewhat of a bad-ass. He is generally seen wearing black t-shirts and a black hooligan cap. He has a complete plan for the apocalypse which he believes, and somewhat hopes, is soon.He likes to think his furry fandom part of his life is bit of a secret to those who know him by his real name. Over all he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.


In December 2010, Rainstar announced to his fellow cast mates that he had been compromised in his work on the podcast. He explained in a journal on the Fursonapod FA account that he would no longer be a co-host until he was 18 (roughly two years). This was a major blow to Fursonapod as they are now left with only two co-hosts. However, Rainstar has managed to keep up his efforts with Fursonapod as the manager of the cast. He still responds to emails and posts sent into Fursonapod. The only real difference was that he will no longer be on the cast.

As time passed, however, complications have lessened and he continues his work--meticulously organizing, planning, and taking part in episodes as they continue to be produced.

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