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RainFurrest 2011 theme
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RainFurrest 2011 was a convention with a camping theme held on 22-25 September, 2011 at the SeaTac Airport Hilton. It was the fifth iteration of RainFurrest. 1420 people attended.[1]

Guests of honor were Tani DaReal, Beetlecat, Astolpho (special guest) and Alan Dean Foster.

Dealers Den[edit]

RainFurrest 2011 had 45 listed tables in the Dealers Den, with registered dealers:[2] Astolpho, Bad Dragon, Bedlam Badges, BlackberryPie and Starman Deluxe, the Convention Store, Cooner Arts!, Curio Draco, The Realm and Arts of Darius Koopa, Davecko, Diana Vick, Dion Turner, Dragondyne Publishing, The Earthen Cavy Ceramics, Echoes Of Light (Soulscape), Endless Summers Studio, Fox Ink, FurPlanet Comics, Furriety, Golden Sky Farms, K'sharraCat Studios and dingbat, Kacey Miyagami, Kitsumi, Lady Foxglove, Lagarto Custom Leather, Luckypan and Nim-Nim, MeraFishStudios, Misc Etc, Mongoose Ink, Mugwump Studios, Northern Lights Studio, Onnanoko, Panther Strike Industries, S. Park Costumes, Sea Fire Productions, Inc., Serena Kitty, Shiuk, SkieBorne Art, Sofawolf Press, Tai-Pan Literary and Arts Project, Tani DaReal, Tombstone Jig and WildElement Studios.


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