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RainFurrest staff
RainFurrest guests of honor
Monika Livingstone, Gene Armstrong, Trapa, Stalking Cat, and Phil Geusz welcome attendees during the opening ceremonies.

RainFurrest 2007, the first RainFurrest, was held August 24-26, 2007 at the Holiday Inn SeaTac in Washington state, U.S.A. 370 furs attended, with 41 fursuits participating in the fursuit parade.

Guests of Honor[edit]


By March 2007, registration was open and reservations were being taken for dealer's tables and art show panels. By the end of July, so many rooms had been reserved that the room block was expanded to cover the entire hotel, which eventually sold out a few days before the convention began.[citation needed]


Panels and events included Second Life, How to Build your Avatar by K'sharra and How to Build Worlds by Selkit Diller; Ham Radio for furries by Trapa, Loial, Kay, and Alfador; a Ham Radio Fox Hunt by Kay; and fursuit performing by North.

Xodiac was the staff member responsible for the fursuiting panels, Doc McDowell for the art panels and Miles for the Second Life panels.

The convention raised nearly $1000 for its charity, the Sarvey Wildlife Center.

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