Raine Dog

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Raine Dog
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Author(s) D.C. Simpson
Update schedule Inactive
Launch date January 16, 2009
End Date December 2, 2009
Genre Graphic novel
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Raine Dog is a graphic novel written by female furry artist D.C. Simpson, also released as a webcomic from 16 January 2009 on Keenspot.


The story focuses on Raine, an anthropomorphic dog who lives among humans with other recently liberated former house dogs. Raine, a liberated former house dog, recalls elements of her past, including childhood love and her treatment by humans and wild dogs.


Raine Dog has received mixed reactions from reviewers and fans. One reviewer praised Raine Dog as being a "well-executed" take on familiar themes.[1] Another review described Raine Dog as "subtle, yet breathtaking".[2]

The comic's left-wing politics were one subject of contention,[3][4] with one reviewer commenting, "Maybe Raine isn’t a liberal at all. Maybe Raine is secretly a Libertarian dog trying to subversively tick off everyone she meets into becoming an avid follower of Ayn Rand."[3]

Graphic responses[edit]

Artist Isaac M. Baranoff satirized D.C. Simpson's political views in his comic, Horndog, portraying a character named Alpha whose design was based upon that of Raine.[5][6]


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