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Fridge Goblin, previously known as Rawrasaurus[1], Twixalicious[2] and FeatherMutt[3], is a furry artist. Her fursona is a wolf named Twix.


  1. Rawrasaurus Fur Affinity (FA) User Page says "Registered since: December 27th, 2011" and "i'm going on back to [Fur Affinity username] FridgeGoblin". FeatherMutt and Twixalicious FA User Pages say "my new account is Rawrasaurus"
  2. Twixalicious Fur Affinity User Page says "Registered since: August 11th, 2011" and "my new account is rawrasaurus."
  3. Um lol hi August 11th, 2011 post by Twixalicious to Journal on Fur Affinity. "I moved here from my old account on FeatherMutt." Retrieved 2012 May 6.

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